Women and property rights; Courts in the pandemic; Implementing price controls.

I wrote a column in the Business Standard, Equal treatment of women in inheritance, on one element of unfair treatment of women in the Hindu Succession Act. Bringing women into the mainstream is fundamental to achieving high Indian growth, and that requires a large number of such tangible actions.

From late March onwards, every organisation in India has been scrambling with problems of demand and problems of organising production in the more constrained environment. On 11 September, Anjali Sharma and Bhargavi Zaveri wrote an article on The Leap Blog, Measuring court output in the pandemic: Evidence from India’s largest commercial tribunal, where they look at how the National Company Law Tribunal fared. The NCLT is likely to have experienced no shortage of demand, so the outcomes are purely driven by constraints of this (services) production.

Price controls are never the answer, but its interesting to think about the public administration problems of alternative mechanisms of price control. On 7 September, Bhuvana Anand and Shubho Roy have an article on The Leap Blog, If school fee regulation had to be done, how can it be done better?