Thinking about Covid-19

I have a column in the Business Standard today, Gearing up for peak Covid-19, which is an attempt at thinking how the pandemic will now play out in India. The peak of the epidemic curve lies in the future, and there will be significant variation of the date of the peak. Private persons in each locality need to organise themselves to take actions that will reduce the harm to their community.

When the epidemic is at its peak, there is high stress on the health care system. Health care organisations need to gear up for this peak. I have an article on The Leap Blog titled Covid-19 in India in the coming months: The puzzles faced by leaders of health care organisations, which aims to help the leadership of health care organisations think about these issues. There is a need for an enlightened citizenry in each district or city to come together and build a coalition that strengthens health care, so that their location may fare better.

A key public good in the field of public health is information. On 13 June, Natasha Agarwal and Harleen Kaur have an article on The Leap Blog, Information about Covid-19 in India, where they bring knowledge from the field of official statistics in the computer age to analyse and critique the frameworks for data release which are presently found in India.