Thinking about Covid-19

Health, macroeconomics, finance, firms.

Vijay Kelkar and I have an article The Epidemic of 2020: Setting course for a V-shaped recovery, which has an integrated view of health, macroeconomics and finance. This appeared today in the Business Standard. Many elements of this build on our recent book, In service of the republic: The art and science of economic policy.

Yesterday, I had an article in the Business Standard, Finance to the fore, about the drama that will now play out in the large firms and the financial system. Many firms will seek external finance, and the financial system will triage, imperfectly. Some firms will get the required breath of life, while others will stagnate or get sold.

Both these utilise analysis by Renuka Sane and Anjali Sharma in an article Holding their breath: Indian firms in an interruption of revenue, which appeared on Friday (3rd) on The Leap Blog.