Five articles and LEPC 4.1

My column in the Business Standard today is Economic outlook in the second wave. Summary: There is an unprecedented health tragedy unfolding with Covid-19, around us. This naturally leads to fears about an economic crisis that might follow. In this article, we argue that the consequences for the economy are likely to be more modest when compared with what was experienced last year. Firms should not be jittery, and firms should focus on building back better.

I had an article on The Leap Blog on 15 April, An impending problem with wheat inventories of the government.

Rashika Narain and Smriti Parsheera had an article on The Leap Blog, on 14 April, Online dispute resolution in India: Looking beyond the window of opportunity.

Rishab Bailey, Trishee Goyal, Renuka Sane, and Ridhi Varma have a new paper, Analysing India's KYC Framework: Can We Do Things Better? and an article on The Leap Blog unveiling it.

Diya Uday had an article on The Leap Blog, on 8 April, Measuring institutional capacity in property tax systems: A case study of ten cities in India.

Finally, here is the link to register for LEPC 4.1.