Current issues, legal system

Current issues

I have an article in the Business Standard today, The de-lockdown needs a better institutional foundation, which thinks about the consequences of the Disaster Management Act being the most important economic law in the country today.

Suja Thomas reviews the scientific literature in an article on The Leap Blog today, Covid-19 in the tropics: How will high heat and humidity shape the outcomes? This pulls together the fledgling literature on these extremely important questions, and offers insights into how we should think about the summer in India.

Radhika Pandey, Rajeswari Sengupta and Bhargavi Zaveri have an article on The Leap Blog on 23 April, Liberalising foreign capital flows in government debt: No time for incrementalism, which analyses the recently unveiled third framework through which foreign investment can come into Indian government bonds, the `Fully Accessible Route’ (FAR). They worry about the consequences of establishing complex interventions into the working of the market economy.

Legal system

Karan Gulati and Renuka Sane have an article on The Leap Blog on 3 May, Why do we not see class action suits in India? The case of consumer finance. The core of the article is a general treatment of the barriers to class action in India. Solving these problems will create an important market-based channel for addressing market failure, which is particularly valuable in the context of low state capacity.