Covid-19 vaccination; the China paper.

Amrita Agarwal and I have a column in the Business Standard today, Winning the war through vaccines, where we think about the decisions for private persons and for policy makers in the coming year.

On 2 May, I did an episode, The economics and politics of vaccines, on Amit Varma’s podcast, The Seen and the Unseen.

One element of the 19 April policy announcement was that persons above 18 would now be permitted to get the vaccine, whereas earlier this age limit was 45. On 27 April, Renuka Sane and I wrote an article on The Leap Blog where we calculated the magnitude of the corresponding enlargement of the permitted population.

On 22 April, Shubhashis Gangopadhyay wrote his thoughts on the Bambawale et. al. 2021 paper, on The Leap Blog. His discussion at LEPC 4.1 on the same day was based on this article.

On 19 April, the union government announced an important change of course on Covid-19 and vaccination. On 20 April, Amrita Agarwal and I wrote an An important change of course by policy in Indian Covid-19 vaccination on The Leap Blog.